Professional planning representation, including planning reviews, planning objection letters and committee scripts, for local residents and third parties.

Planning Objection Services

How it works

You contact me with details of the planning application or planning appeal and a summary of your objections. I review the plans and other information available online and any other relevant information, such as photographs, you want me to take into account.

I assess the strength of your objections and identify the most effective grounds for objection. These may include matters you have not considered, for example, in relation to the local settlement pattern or housing land supply.

I will ensure your objections are supported by appropriate evidence, relevant policies and objective analysis. This is essential to ensure your objections carry the maximum possible weight.

I will advise you about submitting your objections, coordinating your approach with neighbours and other objectors, and further steps you can take to ensure that your representations carry as much weight as possible.

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How developers work

Applicants and appellants typically employ professional planning consultants to support their proposals, because they know the correct approach will significantly increase their chances of success. This leaves local residents and third parties at a significant disadvantage.

Level the playing field

Planning Objection Letters levels the playing field by giving local residents and third parties access to professional planning representation at affordable prices. Employing your own planning consultant is the only way to be sure that your planning objections are accorded equal weight in the planning process.