Amended Planning Applications

July 3rd, 2023   •   articles   •   no comments   

Amended Planning ApplicationsWhat do you do when a neighbour or developer keeps submitting amended planning applications, one after the other? It can be bad enough when you find out your neighbour is planning to redevelop his property. But what do you do when they keep coming? Surely it’s only a matter of time before one of them is approved?

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It’s Nothing Personal

October 22nd, 2019   •   articles   •   Comments Off on It’s Nothing Personal   

Neighbour Planning ObjectionWhat do you do when you want to object to a planning application or planning appeal, but the applicants or appellants are friends or neighbours? You don’t want to fall out with them, but you need to act to protect your interests. How do you handle such a difficult situation?

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Private Matters

March 12th, 2018   •   articles   •   Comments Off on Private Matters   

Privacy and Planning ObjectionsPrivacy is a common concern among local residents opposed to development proposed in a planning application or planning appeal. Do you have a right to privacy and, if so, what does this mean in practice?

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Permitted Development Prior Approval

January 21st, 2016   •   articles   •   Comments Off on Permitted Development Prior Approval   

Permitted Development Prior ApprovalPermitted development rights have been relaxed to allow larger extensions without planning permission. Until 30 May 2019 this includes rear extensions up to 8m long. What does this mean for neighbours and other residents who want to object?

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How to Object

August 9th, 2015   •   articles   •   Comments Off on How to Object   

How to ObjectThe planning process can appear complex, bureaucratic and legalistic. Faced with an unwelcome planning proposal, it can be difficult to know where to start. This article takes you step by step through the process of objecting to a planning application or planning appeal, setting out some important Dos and Don’ts.

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Loss of a View

June 21st, 2015   •   articles   •   Comments Off on Loss of a View   

Loss of ViewLoss of a view is often cited in planning objection letters by home owners understandably concerned about how this will affect their property. Unfortunately, there’s no right to a view under the planning system.

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Make your Objections Count

January 5th, 2015   •   articles   •   Comments Off on Make your Objections Count   

Effective Planning ObjectionsPlanning applications and planning appeals must be determined having regard to the development plan and relevant material planning considerations. Understanding this process is the key to making your objections count. Planning objections must must be:

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