Planning Objection Letters

Professional planning representation for third parties

Planning Objection Letters is a specialist service providing professionally drafted planning objection letters for local residents and third parties affected by development proposed in planning applications and planning appeals. Applicants and appellants typically employ professional planning consultants to support their proposals, putting local residents at a serious disadvantage. Planning Objection Letters levels the playing field by giving local residents access to professional planning representation at affordable prices.

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Experience matters

I am an accredited MRTPI Chartered Town Planner with over twenty years’ experience in planning and development management, including ten years working in local government and ten years as an Inspector handling planning appeals for the Planning Inspectorate. I have worked on a wide range of projects, from small household extensions to major residential, commercial and infrastructure schemes.

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Professional planning representation for local residents and third parties:

Make your objections count

Planning applications and planning appeals must be determined having regard to the development plan and relevant material planning considerations. Understanding this process is the key to making your objections count. Planning objections must be:

  • material planning considerations;
  • relevant to the development proposed;
  • supported by development plan policies;
  • consistent with national planning policy;
  • substantiated by evidence and objective analysis.
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